Automate Manual Work

Unlock the potential of your Finance Team

Eliminate human errors and get more done by putting your team on tasks that actually move the needle.

Let our smart automation solutions handle the day-to-day tedious tasks so you can gain more time to spend on higher value work and maximise your profit per employee.

Discover How We Can Help Streamline Your Processes!
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“The amount of time we’re saving by automating with SmartUi is now compelling us to automate more of our processes, so that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

Kent Joseph
CEO, Equity Transport

2021 / 23 Australia ARN Award
Deloitte 2021 Australia Technology Fast 50
Award The Australian Business Awards
2024 Best of Business Awards
2023 Australian Small Business Champion awards
2023 Australian Achiever Awards
2023 the Australian Small Business Award

On average, our clients save
1,000 work hours per employee

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151,700+ Total
Hours Gained by our Clients

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$30,000 Average Costs
per Business

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150+ Businesses Helped to
Improve Productivity

Eliminate time-consuming & repetitive tasks and get more meaningful work done.

Allow yourself and your team to focus on the tasks that actually move the needle. We’re perfect for you if you want to…
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Have the time & energy to focus on the bigger picture

Gain more time to focus on leading your team and on handling tasks that drive business growth – by eliminating the manual and error-prone daily work.

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Unlock the full potential of your financial department

Our Automation solutions save you, on average, 84% of the time spent manually processing invoices & transactions.

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Have complete visibility over your company’s transactions

Know exactly where a transaction is, who has to deal with it and who needs to be followed up – at a single glance.

Grow Money

Help grow the business by saving it money
(a lot of it)

Automating repetitive tasks will save you 1000’s of work hours – time that can be allocated elsewhere to grow your company.

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And most of all, we’re perfect if you want to spend your time on high quality work and lead a happier & more fulfilled finance team.

Let SmartUi handle the low-level tasks instead.

If you’re ready to get a holistic view of your department and where you need to focus your attention, benchmark your Finance Team now and find out where Automation can help you the most.

*Complete in less than 5 minutes

Are inefficient processes in your finance department getting in the way of
high value work?

Repetitive manual tasks can also create a mundane and uninspiring environment, sacrificing high-value and revenue-generating work in the process.

If your answer is “YES” to any of the below questions, we can help.
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Do you find it hard to keep track of your company’s invoices, transactions & documents?

And as the CFO or Finance Manager, that lack of visibility is making your already difficult job even harder…

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Are you always wasting time putting out fires and dealing with low-level tasks?

Knowing full well you should be focusing on leading and doing strategic analysis – things that actually move the business forward…

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Are “human errors” a constant occurrence within your company (one that usually costs money)?

And the lack of accountability is making it hard for you to effectively lead your team...

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Is your finance department struggling to keep up with the growth of the company?

So you resort to recruiting new hires, which adds extra costs and wastes a lot of time...

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Is the large amount of monthly transactions making it hard for you to manage your workload?

And you’re worried about ruining your company’s reputation with things like payment delays and lost/missed invoices…

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Have you tried automation before, but most solutions require you to change your existing workflow?

And you wish you could have someone tailor an automation solution to your own processes, so you won’t have to change the way you do things…

If you’ve dealt with any of the problems above, or you simply know that you and your team could be doing so much more than just data entry jobs – we’d like to help.

See how your finance department's productivity shapes up!

We help maximise the value of finance teams & make them happier and more productive

We do that by designing SMART Automation solutions, tailored to YOUR business and existing workflows.

Accounts Payable Automation

An AP automation solution designed to fit your intricate accounts payable process and to integrate with your business rules.

Eliminate delayed payments, missed early payment discounts, and the costs caused by human errors.

Sales Order Automation

Increase your company’s cash flow by minimising the time spent between order and payment, reduce risks & errors in your sales order process, and free up time for your staff to focus on tasks that drive business growth.

Robotic Process Automation

Delegate all the daily & mundane tasks of your business to a hosted bot that can mimic human behaviour.

A diligent, error-free “employee” that works 24/7, without pay. RPA bots allow businesses to reduce operating costs and allocate more time to important tasks.

Software & Application Development

Great software is at the heart of any organisation that wants to survive and thrive. We build high value, easy to maintain and cost-effective software – tailored to your standards and business needs.

Design & Integration

From core business systems, to relationship management systems and multiple channels, we help you bring disparate systems together for a fully integrated and efficient business.

Smart Workplace Consulting

Our expert consultants will identify gaps in your business processes and guide you through a defined process that will evolve, streamline and bring a high level of efficiency to your business.

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And if we don’t dramatically transform your team’s productivity? You pay nothing.

After working closely with over 200+ companies to transform their finance departments, we’re confident that we can drive efficiency in your company too.

We also believe that since our highly customised automation solutions are tailor-fit to your business’ needs, you should always be satisfied with the end-result – WE GUARANTEE IT.

So, if we don’t meet the success criteria that YOU set, you won’t have to pay for project delivery – plain and simple, no questions asked.

Sui A4 Report

Take our FREE Assessment to uncover just how productive your team really is and how to seriously improve your performance.

This Assessment is designed to give you a holistic view of your department, and where you need to focus your attention to get past bottlenecks.

With questions based on the 5 Automation Principles of Success (Vision, Map, Technology, Measure and Culture), you’ll receive a 360 degree view report on how to optimise your finance team for success.

*It’s totally free - $0

Here’s why finance teams choose SmartUi to make their lives easier

Sui Awards
Sui Drive Efficiency

Our aim is to drive efficiency in your business

SmartUi started with the sole aim of helping businesses create an environment without any tedious and repetitive tasks.

Our goal has always been to allow people to enjoy more meaningful and productive work, and to not waste their potential doing monotonous tasks.

Since we’ve started, we’ve helped over 150 businesses save more than 1100 hours each – cutting their operational costs by more than $30,000.

*It’s totally free

When we drive more efficiency into your business, something impactful happens for both you and the world

Giving back is a massive driver for our team at SmartUi.

For every 5 hours of repetitive work we save our clients, we contribute to children around the world by providing a days’ worth of education for those in need.

We’ve partnered with B1G1 to make this happen, and are grateful for all our past and current clients for being part of this.

Sui B1g1 Drive More Efficiency

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