Whitepaper – Leveraging Intelligent Capture Technology with Premier Construction Software

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This white paper examines the transformative impact of Leveraging Intelligent Capture Technology with Premier Construction Software by automating the accounts payable (AP) process. By automating the extraction, validation, and reconciliation of construction invoices and vendor statements, construction businesses can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. This paper explores the benefits and return on investment (ROI) that intelligent capture offers when seamlessly integrated with Premier Construction Software’s digital approval workflow, supported by data from Gartner and other industry experts.



In the fast-paced construction industry, efficient AP processes are crucial for project success and financial sustainability. Premier Construction Software serves as a central platform for managing construction projects and finances. By integrating intelligent capture technology, construction businesses can streamline AP tasks, achieve significant improvements in workflow efficiency and accuracy, and realize substantial ROI.


Benefits of Leveraging Intelligent Capture Technology with Premier Construction Software for AP Invoice Processing

Automated Data Extraction: Intelligent capture technology automates the extraction of data from construction invoices, including line items, amounts, and vendor details. This eliminates manual data entry, accelerates invoice processing times, and reduces errors. According to Gartner, organizations can reduce invoice processing costs by up to 80% through automation [1].

Validation and Accuracy: Leveraging AI and machine learning algorithms, intelligent capture validates extracted invoice data against predefined rules and master data in Premier Construction Software. This ensures accuracy and consistency, minimizing discrepancies and audit findings. Gartner reports that automation reduces processing errors by up to 50% [2].

Seamless Integration: Intelligent capture systems like SmartUi seamlessly integrate with Premier Construction Software’s digital approval workflow, enabling construction businesses to upload extracted invoice data directly for approval and payment. This streamlines AP processes fosters collaboration between project stakeholders and enhances visibility. Gartner predicts that by 2025, 50% of midsize and large organizations will have adopted digital transaction management solutions [3].


Benefits of Leveraging Intelligent Capture Technology with Premier Construction Software for Monthly Vendor Statement Reconciliation

Efficient Reconciliation: Intelligent capture technology automates the extraction of data from monthly vendor statements and reconciles them with historical invoice data in Premier Construction Software. This streamlines reconciliation processes and enhances accuracy by identifying discrepancies and matching transactions. Gartner estimates that automation can reduce the time spent on reconciliation by up to 90% [4].

Timely Resolution of Discrepancies: Automated reconciliation with intelligent capture enables construction businesses to promptly identify and resolve discrepancies between vendor statements and historical invoice data. This minimizes overpayments, duplicates, and billing errors, optimizing financial management and compliance. Gartner research indicates that automation increases compliance rates by up to 70% [5].

Improved Vendor Relationships: By ensuring timely and accurate reconciliation, construction businesses enhance trust and collaboration with vendors. Intelligent capture facilitates transparent communication and fosters positive vendor relationships, leading to favourable payment terms and discounts. Gartner highlights that automation improves supplier relationships and negotiation outcomes [6].


Automated Matching of Invoices to Projects and Purchase Orders:

Budget Management: Intelligent capture technology enables automatic matching of invoices to projects and purchase orders within Premier Construction Software. This enhances budget management by providing real-time visibility into project expenses and ensuring accurate allocation of funds. Gartner research shows that automation reduces project costs by up to 30% [7].

Cost Control: Automated matching of invoices to projects and purchase orders helps construction businesses track project expenditures, identify budget variances, and implement cost-saving measures. By monitoring project costs in real-time, organizations can mitigate financial risks and optimize resource allocation. Gartner predicts that automation will enable organizations to achieve 15% cost savings by 2023 [8].

Project Profitability: Streamlined invoice matching with intelligent capture enhances project profitability by reducing errors, eliminating duplicate payments, and optimizing resource allocation. This allows construction businesses to maximize revenue and profitability while delivering projects on time and within budget. Gartner estimates that automation increases project profitability by up to 25% [9].


ROI of Intelligent Capture for Construction Businesses:

Cost Savings: Intelligent capture technology enables construction businesses to achieve significant cost savings through reduced manual labour, decreased processing times, and minimized errors and discrepancies. Gartner estimates that organizations can achieve ROI of up to 300% within the first year of implementing intelligent capture solutions [10].

Efficiency Gains: By streamlining AP processes and automating invoice matching, construction businesses improve productivity, reduce cycle times, and enhance staff efficiency. This enables organizations to allocate resources more effectively, driving operational excellence and project profitability. Gartner research indicates that automation increases efficiency by up to 40% [11].

Risk Mitigation: Automated validation and reconciliation with intelligent capture minimize the risk of compliance violations, late payments, and audit findings. By maintaining accurate financial records and ensuring regulatory compliance, construction businesses mitigate financial risks and safeguard their reputation. Gartner reports that automation reduces financial risk exposure by up to 80% [12].



Leveraging intelligent capture technology with Premier Construction Software offers construction businesses a strategic opportunity to optimize AP processes, improve accuracy, and drive significant ROI. By automating invoice extraction, validation, reconciliation, and matching, construction businesses can streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and strengthen vendor relationships. As construction projects become increasingly complex, intelligent capture provides a competitive edge by enabling organizations to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

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