The benefits of PO Matching with SmartUi for Premier Construction Software

Purchase order matching with Premier

For businesses looking to optimize their accounts payable processes, automated purchase order (PO) matching is a must. With SmartUi Groups AP Automation Platform for Premier Construction Software, companies can streamline the PO matching process with ease. This platform offers advanced automation capabilities that help reduce manual effort while ensuring accuracy and compliance. It also integrates seamlessly with Premier Construction Software to facilitate efficient data entry, matching and processing.  In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of Intelligent PO Matching with SmartUi for Premier Construction Software and why it is so important for your Construction businesses.


The impact of manual Invoice to Purchase order matching in Construction

In the construction industry, the impact of invoices not matching purchase orders can be significant. When invoices do not match purchase orders, it can result in delayed or incorrect payments, which can strain relationships with suppliers and vendors. Inaccurate payments can also impact the bottom line of the business, leading to overpayment or underpayment for goods and services. Moreover, it can be difficult to keep track of expenses and budgets, leading to potential financial risks and compliance issues. Therefore, ensuring that invoices match purchase orders is critical for a construction business to maintain financial accuracy and accountability.

Inaccuracies in purchase order matching can lead to major issues down the line in construction companies. One of the biggest concerns is failing to check the unit price on an order. This mistake can result in a company overpaying for materials or services, which can quickly add up and impact the bottom line.

For example, if a construction company orders 100 units of a particular material at $10 per unit but fails to check the unit price, they may end up being charged $12 per unit by mistake. That seemingly minor discrepancy can cost the company an extra $200 on that order alone. Multiply that by hundreds or thousands of orders over the course of a year, and the financial impact can be significant.

Using manual methods to check unit prices introduces the risk of human error, as employees must manually review each line item on an order and compare it to the agreed-upon price. This process can be time-consuming and tedious and can often result in inaccuracies and missed discrepancies.

By implementing automated purchase order matching, construction companies can reduce the risk of overpaying for materials or services. Automated systems can quickly compare the unit price on an order to the agreed-upon price, flagging any discrepancies and allowing employees to quickly resolve the issue before the order is processed.


How SmartUi & Premier Construction Software Automate PO Matching

Automated invoice line-item extraction to PO line-item matching involves ensuring that all purchase order items are matched up with their corresponding invoice items accurately and efficiently, without any errors or discrepancies. With SmartUi’s platform, the process is simple and mandated through advanced machine learning algorithms that detect any discrepancies between purchase orders and invoice quantities and prices directly from the invoice itself. The system automatically reconciles any differences between the two documents and matches them up correctly, without the need for human intervention. This automated approach is far more accurate than manual processes and saves time and money as well. Moreover, it ensures the accurate matching of invoices with their corresponding purchase orders, eliminating potential discrepancies, incorrect payments or errors that could arise due to manual processing.

Automated PO line-item matching offers numerous benefits, including increased accuracy and efficiency. By automating this process, businesses can save countless hours each month that would have otherwise been spent manually checking for discrepancies between purchase orders and invoices. Additionally, using an automated solution eliminates the risk of human error, which often leads to costly mistakes in the long run. Another benefit is improved visibility into accounts payable expenditure, enabling businesses to quickly identify any issues such as incorrect payments or coding errors and always ensure compliance and accuracy.

Automated invoice matching also reduces the risk of exceeding budgets by ensuring that all invoices are tied to specific purchase orders, providing businesses with greater visibility into what they are paying for. Additionally, invoice-to-PO matching helps ensure that businesses get the best value for their money by verifying that they are only paying for goods or services and the quantities specified in the original purchase order. Invoices are automatically matched to POs based on data such as vendor name, invoice number, invoice date, quantity ordered, unit cost, job number and other related criteria so that discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders can be identified quickly before payments are made.

By using  SmartUi’s cloud-based AP automation platform for Premier Construction Software, businesses can streamline their line item matching process between purchase orders and invoices. This mitigates the risk of payment errors, ultimately improving their financial performance and vendor relationships. Ensuring correct purchase order matching in the construction industry is crucial to maintaining profitability and staying competitive. By automating the process, companies can reduce the risk of errors and streamline their accounts payable operations, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

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