Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technology that enables businesses to increase efficiency by introducing intuitive software robots “bots” that mimic the actions of a human within its front or back office business processes. The robots interact  with any digital system to perform repetitive tasks within the most resource intensive business processes. RPA bots either work autonomously behind the scenes or act as a users personal assistant who will perform the most of tedious day to day operations.

RPA uses software application interfaces to capture information and perform cognitive actions as a human would. Static rules, artificial intelligence and machine leaning models can be programmed into the robots allowing them to interpret information, make decisions, analyse behavior, trigger actions,  and communicate intuitively to perform an endless number of repetitive tasks. Robots will never sleep unless asked or make mistakes unless told to. RPA is here to stay. Empower your businesses with the innovation needed to drive efficiency, increase revenue and manages the rapid growth. 

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

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Significant process improvements
  • Achieve much more in much less time
  • Eliminate repetitive manual tasks

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Increase the productivity of your business
  • Empower staff to focus on more value-added activities
  • Build scalable, standardised processes into your business

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Improve data quality
  • Increase compliance and auditability
  • Increase consistency, accuracy & eliminate the risk of human error

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Increase customer satisfaction
  • Provide a more consistent and responsive customer service
  • Personalise your customer’s experience

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Increase the security of your workforce
  • Ensure organisational mandated security procedures are followed
  • Eliminate data breaches and ensure compliance

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Cost saving
  • Reduce operating costs while increasing throughput
  • Integrating systems without developing custom integrations

Centre of Excellence

  • RPA strategy and analysis
  • Process Mining
  • Task Mining
  • RPA Consulting
  • Centre of Excellence management
  • RPA opportunity assessments
  • Process Documentation - Discover, Design and Deployment

Solution Implementation

  • UiPath deployment
  • Infrastructure design and hosting
  • Project management
  • Unattended and Attended robot delivery
  • RPA User Training
  • Custom development


  • Customized support plans to suit your business needs
  • Solution monitoring and health checks
  • Regular solution assessment, updates and future strategy

How Robotic Process Automation works?

SmartUi Group solves these common problems through tailored Robotic Process Automation solutions. Utilising the UiPath platform, we allow organisations to replace repetitive manual tasks with digital robots which perform human tasks without interruption, allowing employees to focus on core business activities.

Robotic Process Automation can operate existing business applications just like a human user:
Within the following applications:

What processes are can RPA Automate?

Finance and Accounting

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  • Collections – RPA can receive and post payments, create letters, send reminder reports and short lists of customers to call and automatically allocate work to collectors.
  • Supplier On Boarding – RPA solutions can vet new suppliers with a complete report on credit scores, tax data, and enable onboarding of new suppliers seamlessly, without manual intervention. 
  • Payment Processing – RPA can streamline and completely automate pre and post payment reconciliations, notify users of exceptions, monitor and identify potential duplicate or fraudulent payments. 
  • Customer Order to Cash – Leveraging multiple data sources, RPA can automate quote generation and validate sales orders with master data including; product codes, pricing, and stock levels. RPA can even enable the automation of customer follow ups, up selling and cross selling.
  • Accounts Payable – RPA can automatically match invoices to PO’s and good receipts, upload the invoice to any financial system and integrate with real time reporting to monitor the process.
  • Statement Reconciliations – RPA automatically downloads and extracts the data from statements and reconciles the information with the invoice transactions in your ERP system or bank.
  • Supply Chain Planning – RPA can gather data and customer plans from external inputs. The system can then download reports and convert them into excel formats for analysis. Finally, data can then be aggregated, reconciled, and communicated to all parties.
  • Supply Chain delivery – RPA can automatically integrate with systems to create shipment documentation, integrate with GPS systems to enable shipment tracking, and can even automate the input of the shipment order and associated warranty claims or return authority processes.
  • Supply Chain Sourcing: RPA can assist with the sourcing department by automating processes including vendor creation, catalogue management and creating, changing or sending PO’s.
  • Supply chain services – RPA can automate supply chain services including creation of contracts, warranty & claims management, query handling, or spare parts management.

Supply Chain

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IT Service

IT Services
  • Server & application monitoring – RPA automates the monitoring processes of your servers & infrastructure and performs rules-based checks & reporting on your active environment.
  • Routine maintenance & monitoring – RPA can automatically monitor your environment to check for the latest updates and even perform global changes and updates to your fleet of devices.
  • Back up & restoration – RPA can automate the back up and restoration of your most critical data from 1 to many systems across your organisation.
  • Data Migration – RPA is an excellent fit for migrating data between systems as it provides compelling cost and performance benefits to traditional methods. Migration effort and cost can be up to 70% cheaper and quicker using RPA as opposed to traditional methods.
  • Recruitment Automation – RPA provides unbiased scoring of candidates, automates new hire paperwork, and automates onboarding activities.
  • Payroll & Benefits – RPA automates payroll changes, updates to benefits and provides decision support in developing compensation models.
  • Employee Engagement – RPA leverages chatbots to answer questions and perform common procedures across all common HR activities Including within the payroll, training, and benefits systems.
  • Learning & Development – RPA enables the HR team to automate the delivery of training materials and ensure your workforce is compliant, engaged, and guided during employee performance management.

Human Resources

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Call Center Transformation

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  • Personalised customer experience – RPA can empower your agents by integrating customer data feeds from multiple systems enabling a truly personalised and efficient customer experience.
  • Automating Transactions – RPA can automate the required customer actions and transactions across multiple systems from one interface significantly increasing the productivity of the call center team.
  • Adaptive customer experience – Realtime feeds based on agent actions during a call pushes and pulls the relevant customer data and next steps in the conversation and workflow to ensure the process is error free and followed every time. This also removes the deficiencies of legacy platforms and multiple data sources causing a proliferation of computer interfaces for agents, further streamlining the workflow.
  • Integration with Back Office – RPA provides front to back office automation driving enterprise wide efficiencies and reducing delays and backlogs.

The Robotic Process Automation Story

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